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Leanne is eager to spend Nick's inheritance but he wants to save it for college. Vera refuses to clean the Rovers. Jack begs Natalie to let her work behind the bar but Natalie refuses. Sharon tells Rita that she'll be living in Manchester when she marries her fiancé Ian Bentley. Rita is thrilled. Ashley tries to chat Nita up but she's not interested. Martin advises Nick to take decisions in light of the fact he's married and involve Leanne more. He feels uncomfortable as he knows he should take his own advice with Gail. He tells her that he'll go to the hospital and ask for his job back. She's delighted. Lorraine talks Spider into helping out behind the bar. Vera makes a scene in the Rovers, telling the customers that Natalie's tried to retire her. She swears they haven't heard the last from her. Sally gets a letter from Kevin's solicitor saying he wants a divorce and custody of the children.


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