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Alison stays the night with Kevin. Gail urges Martin to find another job. Steve gives Roy an estimate of £12,000 for fittings at the new unit. Roy calculates that it is too steep but is bemused when Steve suggests the haggle. Roy doesn't understand and offends Steve by suggesting he does the job for £2,000. Leanne tells Les that she's ashamed to be his daughter and refuses to help him get back with Janice. Natalie is annoyed when the Duckworths still act as if they own the Rovers. When she takes Spider on to help behind the bar, Vera accuses her of lowering the tone. Kevin suggests to Alison that they go away together for a weekend. He employs Tyrone to help out at the garage. Rita is thrilled when Sharon Gaskell looks her up and tells her that she's getting married. Natalie starts serving designer beers. Hayley gets Steve and Roy to haggle again and they settle on £7,950. Roy still fails to see the point in haggling. Janice weakens and takes Les back in when he swears he loves her. Natalie tells the Duckworths that she won't have them interfering in her pub. They are stunned when she gives them new jobs - as cellarman and cleaner.


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