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Les spends the night sleeping outside when Janice locks him out. He asks Jackie to put him up and she agrees. Alf's will is read by Mr. Irwin, the solicitor. Audrey is horrified when, after £2,000 to each of the grandchildren, his assets only come to £1,427.13 in cash, plus the house and the salon. She doesn't know how she's going to survive. Vera resents having Natalie as a boss and is convinced that she'll ruin the Rovers. Nick and Leanne are thrilled that Alf left him £2,000. Emily babysits the twins so that the Malletts can go out but when they fall asleep she babysits the whole family. Kevin introduces Alison to the girls and is pleased when they get on. Martin discovers that Les's case was thrown out when the tribunal found out he was lying. He goes for Les in the Rovers and tells everyone how he cost him his job. Natalie throws Les out and the residents shun him. Jackie refuses to take him in now he has no money. Kevin assures Alison that he has no feelings for Sally. She encourages him to make a pass at her.


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