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Rita urges Sally to tell the police about Greg's threats but she feels that she can't prove anything. Alec can't wait to leave Weatherfield. Rita is stunned when he tells her that he's going to live in Brighton. Gail prepares a party for Nick's eighteenth but he doesn't want to celebrate it without Leanne. Alec hands the keys to the Rovers over to Natalie. He tells the Duckworths that they've won; he's given up. Alec and Vicky leave for Brighton and the Duckworths discover that Natalie is their new boss. Rita feels that she never meant anything to Alec as he left town so easily without her. The Duckworths venture out of their bedroom and are delighted when Natalie tells them they can have their jobs back. They celebrate beating Alec. Gary and Judy bring the twins home. Greg is intrigued to hear about the door between Alec and Rita's flats. Nick's party starts, with his friends and family. Alf feels old and out of place but Audrey intends to have a good time. Greg breaks into Alec's flat and then, via the door, into Rita's flat. Sally tries to escape but he catches her.


Regular cast[]

*These two characters were credited as "Mallett Twins"

Guest cast[]



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