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Natalie tells Alec that if the Duckworths remain sitting tenants she'll want money knocked off the value of the Rovers. Nick mopes around without Leanne. Fred demands Greg's rent arrears but Greg tells him that he's not going to pay up. Kevin tells him to disappear and find another woman to fleece. Alec offers the Duckworths £1,000 to leave the pub but Natalie urges them to hang on as Alec must be weakening. Mike catches Jackie stealing knickers and tells her that he's calling the police. Deirdre gets him to change his mind about the police but he insists that Jackie is fired. Jackie leaves, grateful to Deirdre. Deirdre is quick to tell her they're even now; neither of them owes the other any more favours. Nick tries to talk to Leanne but Les throws him out. Hayley solves Roy's staffing problem by getting Gail to agree to keep working at the cafe after she's sold her interest in it. She then tells delighted Roy that she'll buy Gail's share of the cafe and be his sleeping partner. Greg feels useless and gets drunk. Alec asks Vicky if she'd let him go into partnership with her, running her cafe bar. She is thrilled at the idea. Greg phones Sally and warns her that he's going to get her.


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