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Alec sleeps in the Rovers' sitting room waiting for the Duckworths to emerge. He accuses them of trespassing and orders them out of the pub but they refuse to leave. In hospital, Judy has an epidural and is helped along by Gary. The Duckworths discover that Alec has removed all their clothing. They're cold and hungry. Jack is touched when Vera tells him that despite his faults she still loves him. Judy gives birth to a boy at 6.40am and a girl an hour later. She is exhausted and Gary becomes very emotional. Sally is upset when the girls open their presents before she's arrived at the house. Les splashes out on buying presents relying on his compensation covering the cost. He buys Toyah a new laptop and Janice a designer jacket. Betty is uncomfortable when Alec tells her that she's not to help the Duckworths. He tries to upset them by cooking a dinner of tempting smells. The Duckworths open their bedroom window and appeal to the neighbours for help. The residents provide food and drink, delivering it by climbing a ladder. Greg turns on the charm to woo Maxine. She is pleased by his attention. Deirdre gets annoyed as Blanche criticises her choice of men. Blanche wishes she had a daughter to be proud of. Alec is furious when Rita tells him that she told the Duckworths he was throwing them out. He tells her that she had no right and accuses her of betraying him. He tells her that he doesn't want to see her any more and she tells him that she's pleased. Sally advises Maxine to have nothing to do with Greg, saying how he hit her and that he's soon going to be evicted from his flat. Leanne gets upset when she discovers Miranda Peters has given Nick a sweater for Christmas. She thinks it's proof that they're sleeping together and tells him that he can go to her as far as she's concerned; they're finished. When Maxine tells him to stay away from her, Greg realises Sally has warned her off him. Vera tries to make the most of her imprisonment to seduce Jack, to his horror. Sally panics when Greg trails her home and tells her they have unfinished business.


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