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Leanne tries to get out of having dinner with the Battersbys but they refuse to change their plans to suit the Platts. Alec has the locks changed at the Rovers by Pat Hegherty and puts all the Duckworths' belongings in bin bags. Rita is suspicious of his actions and makes him admit to throwing the Duckworths out. She thinks that he's being nasty and phones the Duckworths in Blackpool to warn them. Greg is furious when his car is repossessed. Nick and Leanne decide not to go to anyone's house for Christmas. They invite Ashley to join them and he invites Maud. Fred does the draw for the raffle whilst no one is looking. Kevin and Sally have a strained time trying to make Rosie's birthday a happy one. Kevin insists on her having minimal contact with the girls and accuses her of ruining their lives. Alf and Audrey celebrate their thirteenth wedding anniversary. Blanche arrives to spend Christmas with Deirdre and immediately starts criticising her lifestyle. Fred announces the winning raffle ticket number in the Rovers and feigns surprise when Audrey has the winning ticket. Everyone knows it's a set-up job. Alf is annoyed but donates the hamper to the Platts, saying they'll join them for Christmas dinner. Fred is stunned when Audrey tells him that he won't be eating with them as they'll be at the Platts' house. Judy's contractions start so Gary rushes her to hospital. The Duckworths rush back to the Rovers, dash up to their bedroom and barricade themselves in before Alec can stop them.


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