Len wants to know what he's getting into before agreeing to work for a man like Piggott. After he gives Piggott his answer, he plans to spend some time in Nottingham with Jerry running the yard. Elsie is hurt that Len didn't confide in her. Len tells her he wanted to make the decision with his head, not his heart. The collection money is entrusted to Elsie to buy something for the twins. David and Edith Tatlock send telegrams of congratulations. Ken collects Val from hospital. Piggott takes Len to Blackburn to wine and dine him and show him the houses. Annie, Hilda and Albert form a welcoming committee at No.9. Irma joins them, as does Stan when he sees the two bottles of wine they've purchased for the occasion. Elsie buys the Barlows a pram set with the money. Val returns, with Peter and Susan still in hospital putting on weight. She's worn out but grateful for everyone's kindness. Len tells Piggott he'd want a free hand if he accepts the job. He intends to decide before he goes to Nottingham. Ken and Albert have to force Val to go to bed. Elsie goes to see Piggott to find out where Len stands. She doesn't trust Piggott and hopes Len will say no. Piggott tells her he's sure Len will go in with him as he has nothing going for him in Weatherfield.


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Annie Walker: "One does get rather tired of the dreary landscape. The desert of bricks and cobbled streets. Blackened chimneys piercing the sultry sky like jagged teeth".

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