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Ashley decides to be harder. Deirdre is amazed to discover that Jackie is squatting at No.7. Nick and Leanne argue over Martin and Les falling out. Sally is thrilled when Kevin suggests they make arrangements for Christmas. Mike tells Greg that he's sorted out the contract but has no intention of giving him any money for setting it up. Greg is furious. Spider struggles with the idea of squatters at Curly's house as he doesn't know whose side he should take. A compensation doctor, Dr Nicholls, interviews Les and encourages him to act more affected by his experience. Alma asks Mike to sack Jackie so she has no ties to the street. Jackie is furious to hear Deirdre plotting to have her evicted. She warns her that she'll make her life hell if she crosses her. Roy looks forward to Christmas with Hayley but she tells him that she's got to spend it with her widowed paternal aunt. Sally is shocked when Kevin tells her that he wants a divorce.


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