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Zoe tells Ashley that he's warped for kidnapping her and keeping her locked up in her room. She accuses him of treating her like a child. She tells him that he can't keep her prisoner forever and she intends to leave with Ben. Martin feels useless and can't understand why he didn't lock the drugs trolley. Gail worries about him. Ashley is stunned when Zoe tells him that she and Ben are going to live in America. Jackie and Tyrone leave Deirdre's flat, much to her relief. Ashley begs Zoe not to go and is hurt when she tells him that she can't stay with him because he's boring and behaves like an old woman. She urges him to get stronger or he'll go through life having his heart broken. Alec asks Audrey to stop Roy from getting a drinks licence but she refuses. Jackie and Tyrone move into No.7. Hayley and Roy sing carols for charity but Roy is out of tune with everyone else. Alma is horrified to find Jackie squatting in Curly's house. When she threatens to call the police, Jackie goes for her and throws her out. Martin lunges at Les in the Rovers when Les says he deserves to lose his job. Judy and Leanne try to comfort Ashley as Zoe leaves but he is distraught.


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Zoe Tattersall (to Ashley Peacock): "I've got devils inside me screaming to get out - everybody's got 'em. Well, maybe not devils but things they wanna do. Mad things, exciting things, dangerous things. Inside you there's this little old lady going 'Ooh, can you shut the door please'."

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