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Janice, Leanne and Toyah worry about Les as he is put on a drip after having his stomach pumped. Sally takes the girls and sneaks away from Greg, her face cut and swollen. Rita, appalled by her injuries, takes them in. Zoe is angry with Ashley and tells him that she's going on a retreat with the others. He worries that she'll never be allowed to leave. Sally tells Rita she knows that she's been a fool. Rita advises her to stay with her and let Kevin have the girls. Kevin is happy to take the girls in but is horrified to see Sally's cut face. She insists Greg didn't hit her. Martin is troubled to hear Les had an overdose and is questioned by Mr Yorke, the hospital's manager. Leanne agrees to let Nick carry on modelling as she realises that they need the money. She goes along to the art class to watch and shocks him by volunteering her services as a nude model. He refuses to let her be a model but she says all she wants to do is feel comfortable about what he's doing. Miranda Peters wins her round by giving her a painting of Nick. Sally tells Rita how she's lost most of her inheritance money through Greg. Martin admits to leaving the drugs trolley unlocked and is immediately suspended.


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