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The residents gossip about the newspaper report about Swindley. Len takes Val to hospital in his van. Ken feels completely useless as he waits for news and Albert is on his nerves. Ken goes to visit the hospital and finds that Val is in the labour ward. The residents ask Ken to wait for news with them in the Rovers. Jerry worries about his future. Len gets a contract from Arnold Jenkinson to do a conversion job for one of his supermarkets. Ken discovers from Stan that if the twins are born before midnight he'll get tax relief on them. Willie Piggott is fined £150 for bribing Ken. The regulars have a whip-round for the twins. Val gives birth to a girl and a boy, 5lbs, 3oz and 5lbs 11oz respectively. The Walkers break open the champagne for everyone to celebrate the birth of the first-ever set of twins on the Street. Piggott offers his congratulations to Ken and makes Len a business offer.


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