Rita isn't pleased to find Alec making breakfast. Tony despairs when Natalie tells him it will be at least a week before she can get any money from the sale of her house but she will try to borrow it from the bank. Nick asks Leanne to lay off Zoe as her job is helping her to come to terms with the loss of Shannon. In the cafe, Liz tells Gail that she is dubious about what her new life will be like, but if it's half as good as her old one, she'll be happy. Tony becomes abusive when he learns that Natalie can't raise the money from the bank and Natalie threatens to leave if Des calls in the police. Liz and Michael Wall leave Weatherfield. As they drive away they are astounded to see Jim standing in the doorway unaided. Liz knows if she stops she may never leave and they carry on their journey.


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