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Sally won't forgive Greg for hitting her. He sees Richard Taylor, his solicitor, who warns him that the business will fold without Sally. Greg manages to lie his way back into her affections by talking about how his stepfather physically abused him and his mother, and that he thought he'd never do the same. She takes him back. Michael Wall wants Liz to change her mind and go with him. He tries to make peace with Jim and fails. Steve calls Liz a hypocrite after her outrage over him sleeping with Maxine, but Deirdre says that she should get away from the McDonalds. Zoe announces she's got an office job with Ben and Ruth at the Etheric Foundation. Nick also tells Leanne he's working evenings at the college but doesn't go into detail. Tony has visitors when Des and Natalie are in the Rovers, who trick their way into the house. Des and Natalie return to find him bleeding on the floor and the house in a mess. Natalie is distraught.


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