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Mike tells the girls that as Greg is undercutting him and buyers are cancelling orders, he may have to sack some of them. Sally is appalled when she hears that the girls are threatened with redundancies. Rita offers Sally no sympathy, telling her that it's all her fault. Des is appalled to discover Les thinks he's going to be his best man. Les is excited as he's never been a best man before. Greg is furious when Sally fails to pick up a cheque from the building society. He refuses to feel guilty if Mike makes anyone redundant. She is upset that she's already spent £30,000 of her inheritance. Greg urges her to get the cheque before they lose out on a deal. Liz is annoyed when Jim tries to matchmake between Deirdre and Michael Wall. Hayley is upset that Mike is continuously nasty to her. Roy begs her to resign and is horrified when she decides to face the girls and tell them the truth.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Mike's taunts push Hayley to the edge. Des is horrified to learn of his drunken blunder.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,330,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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