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Alma decides to take the job of manager until Curly returns. Lorraine asks Natalie if she can be her bridesmaid. Natalie agrees and tells Des to get a decent best man. Des asks Martin, who refuses as he doesn't want to upset Kevin. Des advises Kevin to leave Natalie alone and move on in his life. Mike throws Greg and Sally out of the factory in front of the girls, telling them how they've set up against him and are planning to undercut them all. Greg is furious when he discovers that Kevin told Mike about their plans and rows with him, threatening him with a glass bottle. Martin has to separate them. Sally is upset that all her friends hate her but Greg tells her to grow up. He tells her that they can't afford to buy a new house now that they are going to have to concentrate on the business. Des invites Les to be his best man as a joke, but Les takes the offer seriously. Sally turns to Gail for sympathy but doesn't get any. Michael Wall tells Liz he's going to stop working with Jim as he's too involved with them both. She kisses him and tells him that she doesn't want to stop seeing him.


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