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Janice worries about Toyah going out with yobbish Dobber. Leanne is annoyed when Toyah admits she had sex without precautions. Michael Wall suggests to Jim that he should venture into the unknown and go out for a meal with Liz. Gail is alarmed when Roy suggests they arrange weekly dinners. She backs out of it. Dobber gets annoyed when Toyah suggests taking precautions and she gives up as she doesn't want to lose him. He then gets her to steal £10 out of the cafe till. Natalie moves in with Des. Janice makes it clear that she doesn't like Dobber and Les throws him out of the house when he says that Janice looks like a horse. Anne admits to Spider that she set Curly up. She tells him that she has a plan - she'll set Alma up by writing a letter which has Alma's fingerprints on it. Leanne forces Toyah to take morning-after pills. Jim takes Liz out to a restaurant and is furious when she is chatted up by a businessman who feels sorry for her being stuck with a man in wheelchair. Liz is embarrassed when Jim makes a scene.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Jim and Liz’s dinner date turns sour, and Leanne is enraged when Toyah makes a confession.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,230,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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