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Spider asks Anne to help him find Curly. She is intrigued when he tells her that Curly was fond of her. He tells her that if Curly goes to prison then their love will never come to anything. Vera tells Jack that he's going to Tenerife whether he likes it or not, and bundles him off to the airport. Sally isn't sure how Greg will react to the news that the girls are living with them. She tells Gail about their business venture. Anne gets drunk and vows to free Curly from prison. Gail worries about Sally investing all her money in Greg and tells Rita about her concerns. Alma decides to try to track down Sheila Dixon, the shelf-stacker who said Anne set Samantha up on the shoplifting charge. Natalie is surprised when Des asks her to live with him. Roy is furious when Mike calls Hayley a freak. Mike thinks it's hilarious when Roy asks him to step outside. Roy throws a pint of beer over him. Humiliated, Mike tells him that it wasn't a clever move.


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