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Hayley and Roy are bashful after their first night together. When Jack begs Alec to refuse their holiday, Alec delights in giving them time off. Steve demands £1,000 from Audrey for work he carried out at the salon for Fiona. Des and Natalie get ready for his brother's wedding, although she worries about what his family will make of her. Kevin snaps under the pressure of seeing Sally with Greg and not having his children. He pours out his heart to sympathetic Rita. Judy feels guilty when she thinks that Gary plans to get rid of his drums. Jack is horrified at the thought of going abroad with Vera as he knows she'll be feeling randy. Audrey is frightened of Steve and asks Fred to help her deal with him. Fred points out to Steve that Audrey as a councillor could make life difficult for his building projects. Steve tells Audrey to forget about his £1,000. She tells Fred that he's her hero. Spider decides to introduce himself to Anne as Curly's cousin and try to win her confidence. Gary tells Judy he's not selling the drums - he's got an audition in a band. When Sally calls for some clothes Kevin goes for her, accusing her of ruining his life. Kevin throws her out, saying he never wants her to return. Rita rushes over and is relieved to find Sally safe but when Sally seeks sympathy, Rita accuses her of bringing everything on herself; she's become nasty and selfish and Rita refuses to help her any more.


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Kevin Webster: "Women. Dun't matter what they do, all stick together. All on the same side!"

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