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Hayley wonders if she'll ever be able to make Roy happy. She assures him that she'd marry him if she could. He is angry that she's discriminated against. Sally asks headmistress Mrs Easton not to let the girls go anywhere with Kevin but she's told that the school can't get involved unless Sally has a court order. She takes the girls to work with her but Mike isn't happy and gives her holiday until she can get sorted. When Kevin threatens to snatch the girls back, Sally points out she can afford to move away from him at any time if he becomes unreasonable. Audrey plays with Alf, infuriating him by telling him that Fred is buying the salon for her. He is startled into agreeing to buy the salon himself. Vera is horrified when she discovers that Jack has withdrawn £1,000 from their account. Fred realises that Audrey has used him to make Alf jealous and is affronted. Jack wins the money back plus £800 profit but Vera is still annoyed with him and tells him that she's transferred all the money to a new account and it's in her name only. Roy decides to sleep with Hayley but admits he's petrified as he's a virgin. Kevin agrees to let Sally have the girls if he can see them. She agrees. Hayley tells Roy that she's a virgin as well and they'll both be learning as they go along.


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