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Jack withdraws £1,000 from the building society. Michael Wall urges Jim not to look on the dark side; he's still got Liz. Audrey shows Fred around the salon. He is keen to invest if it means seeing more of Audrey. Maxine offers Fiona a leaving present but she refuses it. Maxine is upset as Fiona refuses to forgive her. Jack works on a system, betting on greyhounds, on lanes 1 and 6, doubling his money with each race. It goes wrong and he loses £1,200. Rita is concerned over the effect Kevin and Sally's fighting is having on the children. She warns Sally that Greg is just out for what he can get. Sally tells her to mind her own business. Hayley is thrilled when Roy invites her to move into his flat with him. Fiona leaves the street to live with her parents. Steve sees her go and tries to get her to talk to him but she ignores him and the car drives off.


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