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Sally looks forward to having the children but Rosie has a stomach bug so she only has Sophie. Steve returns from London and is petrified when Jim tells him that he knows how he fell off the scaffolding. Jim rages at Steve, accusing him of trying to kill him. Steve tells him that his memory is playing tricks but Jim says Fiona's told him the truth. Steve is stunned when Liz refuses to believe him. Jim tells Steve he's going to get the police on to him for attempted murder. Steve tells him that he'd have done the job properly if he'd wanted to kill him. Pam advises Fiona to move away from the McDonalds and sell the salon. Greg finds it hard having Sophie in the flat and is furious when she spills lager over his laptop. He upsets Sophie, shouting at her. Sally tries to soothe him. Jim assures Liz that he isn't going to the police. A saddened Sally takes Sophie back to Kevin as she's upset. Steve accuses Fiona of being vindictive in telling Jim and calls her a bitch. Fiona is shaken by his anger. She tells her mother that she wants to leave the street.


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