Natalie helps Kevin out by looking after Sophie. Greg tells Sally that there's no point in looking for a house as they have to concentrate on the business. Vera and Jack have all their money in a joint account. Jack tries to get his hands on some of it but Vera refuses to let him. Jim accuses Fiona of lying to him to get back at her for wrecking her wedding. She tells him that Steve really did try to kill him. Hayley views a flat and wants it but allows Roy to talk her out of it. Sally is furious to see Natalie looking after Sophie. She tries to take her but Kevin steps in and refuses to let her have her. Liz is stunned when Jim tells her about Steve pushing him off the scaffolding. Natalie advises Kevin to let Sally see the children. Liz accuses Fiona of telling Jim about Steve as she wants to destroy both of them. Fiona throws her out of the salon. Sally is surprised when Kevin tells her that she can have the children for tea.


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