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Steve decides to go and stay with friends in London. Sally feels that she can't cope without the girls. She doesn't want to confuse them by making a fuss but misses them so much. She rows with Martin when he feels that Kevin did right to hang onto his daughters. Vera and Jack are furious when Alec docks their rent from their wages. When they complain he tells them that they can move out if they're not happy. Martin suggests to Kevin that he lets Sally see the girls, for their sakes. Kevin knows Martin is right when he says they need a mother but doesn't want them to see her. Sally urges Greg to hurry his solicitor along. He tells her not to press him and walks out when she nags him. Later he apologises and assures her that he loves her. She tells him that he must realise she comes as a package with her daughters. Jim urges Fiona not to cast Steve away over just one mistake. She tells him that Steve is a bad person and lets it slip that Steve pushed him off the scaffolding.


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