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Toyah's cousin Kirsty invites her to go on holiday to San Antonio. Rita is amazed to hear Sally has moved in with Greg. She is stunned when Sally tells her that she's left the children. Sally assures her that she loves Greg. Steve takes Fiona out for the afternoon in order to spoil her. Janice raises funds for Toyah's holiday as she fears she'll run away again if she doesn't get what she wants. Greg's solicitor friend Richard Taylor draws up partnership papers, with Greg assuring Sally it must be noted that she paid for the initial start-up costs. Fiona tells Steve she feels that at some point Alan McKenna will turn up, wanting to see Morgan. He gets annoyed when she admits she'd let him have a part in Morgan's life. He is angry that she doesn't see him as Morgan's father. She accuses him of looking upon Morgan as an accessory so he hits back, telling her that she always needs to be the centre of attention. She walks out to spend the night at her parents' house. Richard tells Sally they can apply for a court order granting her access to the children but that will take months. Janice pawns her jewellery, including Les's present for her twenty-first birthday, to raise the money for Toyah's holiday. Steve spends the afternoon buying drinks for Maxine. She commends him for taking Morgan on. Alec gets builder Pat Hegherty in to start work on the door between his flat and Rita's flat. When Steve kisses her, Maxine responds and allows him to take her to Fiona's flat.


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