Janice and Les arrive in London and call at Ronnie Clegg's house. He tries to get rid of them but is forced to explain to his wife Paula who they are. Paula is stunned to discover Ronnie has a daughter. Janice breaks down when she finds Toyah isn't with Ronnie. Toyah is pleased to be with the man she thinks is her dad and is glad that he accepts her and gives her a bed. Kevin is surprised when Sally splashes out on his birthday. Anne creates a letter out of words cut from Curly's book. Janice rows with Ronnie for never caring about Toyah. Rita arranges with Mavis to be her matron of honour. Janice and Les call at Ronnie's old address and talk to Neil Flynn. Toyah hides from them but is puzzled when she hears Janice introducing herself to Neil. She realises Neil isn't her father and begins to feel frightened. Jack and Vera agree to Alec buying them out of the Rovers so long as solicitors are involved. He talks them out of involving solicitors as they're so expensive. He agrees to pay them 50% of the pub's value. Toyah is terrified when Neil locks her in the house and admits he's not her father. He explains he shared a cell with Ronnie in prison. When she tries to call for help he binds and gags her. Janice is alarmed to hear Neil was in prison for GBH. She fears Toyah might be with him after all and she and Les rush back to his flat but he's disappeared. Janice calls in the police. Neil unties Toyah to get her into his van. Suspicious Kevin spies on Sally as she and Greg kiss in the factory. Neil takes Toyah to Epping Forest. Kevin locks Sally out of the house and throws her bags into the street. She is distraught but he refuses to talk to her. Greg takes her in. Toyah breaks free and is chased through the forest by Neil.


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