Janice is upset that Toyah has gone looking for Ronnie Clegg. Kevin tells Sally that Greg is just after her money but she accuses him of resenting the fact that she's going to be more than a housewife. Alec tells the Duckworths that if they can't agree on a price they'll have to put the business up for sale. Janice decides to go to London, revealing to Les that Ronnie has kept in touch and she knows his address. Les decides to go with her after Leanne points out that he's more a father to Toyah than Ronnie ever was. Toyah arrives in London. Vera fears she'll end up homeless and jobless. Alec takes Rita to look at wedding rings but decides they're too expensive at retail. Anne cuts out words from Curly's book. Alec suggests to the Duckworths that if they sell their share at a fair price he'll continue to employ them and let them live in the pub. Toyah calls at a house and introduces herself to a man, Neil Flynn, saying she's his daughter. He takes her in.


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