Janice has a sleepless night worrying about Toyah's whereabouts. She blames Les for making her run away. Sally asks Kevin to move back in. He accuses her of only wanting him back so the girls don't feel so upset. She promises to try and make their marriage work. Les starts hiding his belongings when Janice calls the police in over Toyah's disappearance. She gives the police a photo of Toyah and is amazed when WPC Latimer says that as Toyah is sixteen she can't be forced to come home. Alec and Rita agree to marry as soon as possible. Greg takes Sally to an empty office and tells her about his dream, chasing orders for people like Mike. She doesn't like the idea of working behind Mike's back until they're established. He tells her that he needs £800 for rent in advance and they'll need funds for furniture and equipment. Alec tells the Duckworths that he's marrying Rita and suggests they buy him out of the pub, saying £100,000 is a good price. Kevin moves back into No.13. He tells Sally that he still loves her but she can't bear having him near. Anne tells Curly she knows he's right to feel uncomfortable with her but swears she's changed. She confides in him that she's going to be promoted and is planning to suggest he is made area manager. Behind his back she steals a book from his bookshelf. Kevin is stunned when Sally tells him that she's going into business with Greg. Toyah phones Leanne to tell her that she's going to London to find her father.


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