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Curly orders his staff to be more effective. He's worried about senior management at Freshco turning up disguised as customers. When an American customer shops in the store, Curly is all over him. Sally throws a knicker party in the Rovers' back room, laying on free wine and her whole range of lingerie. Rita tells Alec that she was touched by his offer but she just feels too old to get married again. He suggests she stops coming into the Rovers. Curly is horrified when Anne Malone arrives and tells him that she's his new area manager. Sally is uncomfortable when Maxine starts telling the girls at the party about her sex life with Greg. She accuses him of loving having two women on the go at the same time. Vera hears about Rita turning Alec down and tells him that his plan has backfired and he's stuck with them at the Rovers. He is upset that anyone would think he'd marry for anything less than love. Curly is certain that Anne is out for revenge.


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