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Curly tells Spider that he saw the kiss and accuses him of laughing at him behind his back. Sally is jealous of the thought of Greg spending nights with Maxine. He reminds her that she's the one who's married. He assures her that when he's with Maxine he's thinking of her. Rita apologises to Alec for being so harsh and says she was touched by the sentiment. She suggests they carry on as they are and see how things develop. He's happy to settle for that. Maxine thinks Greg is seeing someone else as he's always making excuses as to why he can't see her. Toyah is disgusted when she hears that Spider kissed Lorraine. Sally feels sorry for Kevin as he thinks everything is well in their marriage. She realises that she's fallen out of love. Vera tells Jack that she thinks Rita is interested in Alec as she wants to get her hands on the Rovers. Greg tells Sally that she should think twice about putting all her money in the garage as one day she'll need it to help her get away from Kevin.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Rita tells Alec that she does not want to lose him, and Greg suggests Sally's future may lie away from Kevin.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,340,000 viewers (5th place - combined figure including repeat).
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