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Hayley is nervous when she starts work at Underworld. The girls are hostile towards her when they see how quick she is. She wins them over by doing some of their work as well. Nick starts work at the garage and proves a hit with the factory girls in his overalls. When Lorraine snubs him, Spider assures her that he is interested in her. She tells him to put Curly straight. Alec is upset that Rita won't even talk to him. Hayley feels as if her dream has come true as she felt like one of the girls at Underworld. Roy upsets her by warning her to be cautious of what she says to people. Greg falls back on Maxine when Sally can't free herself to see him. Alec apologises to Rita but she accuses him of using her to get back at Steve. Lorraine snogs Spider to show him what he's missing. Curly walks in and sees the kiss. Rita is stunned when Alec tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her. She tells him that she could never marry him as she doesn't trust him.


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