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Spider is depressed over the lost election. Rita is upset to discover that she's forgetting events and conversations. Audrey loves all the attention she's getting as a councillor. Fred celebrates her victory and plans to get closer to her. He is shocked when Alf reveals that he didn't vote for her. Rita assures Jim she doesn't blame him for the accident and has no intention of prosecuting. He is relieved. John Dalton, a Health and Safety official calls on her, telling her about the tip-off. She refuses to press charges and turns on Alec for making the call, accusing him of going against her wishes. Curly feels he's blown his chances with Lorraine as she clearly isn't interested in him. Ken starts giving Toyah lessons at £5 an hour. Kevin has plans to enlarge the garage and tells Sally that there'll be a role for her as bookkeeper. She tells him to forget it; she likes it too much at Underworld. Hayley asks Mike for a job but he refuses to employ her. Spider is stunned when Lorraine tells him that she doesn't fancy Curly; she fancies him. Roy bets Mike that Hayley can out-machine any of his girls, saying if she can't he'll give him £100.


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  • Greg Kelly is only heard on this episode on a telephone call. His credit at the end of the episode is "Greg Kelly V/O" reflecting this.
  • TV Times synopsis: Lorraine springs a surprise on Spider. Rita is furious with Alec for going against her wishes.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,050,000 viewers (7th place - combined figure including repeat).
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