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Kevin feels that Sally is doing too much overtime. Spider and Audrey do battle on voting day. Fred is intrigued when Spider lets it slip he's been in prison. He alerts the returning officer and is told there's no way an ex-con can stand. Rita is uneasy when Alec tells her the upset of seeing her so ill has made him see he wants her to be more than just a friend. Ken is touched when he sees Toyah is genuinely upset about not knowing anything. She explains that she can't work at school as her friends will think she's soft. He agrees to give her secret lessons. Audrey gives up bothering to canvass when Fred assures her Spider will be disqualified. Sally tells Greg she couldn't leave Kevin because of the children. She is jealous when he goes away for the weekend with Maxine. Fred and Audrey are horrified when they learn that Spider was only in prison for fourteen days so isn't disqualified. Alf thinks she's stupid for not making an effort. Alec rows with Steve in public over Rita and Vicky. Steve accuses him of wanting to get his hands on Vicky's money himself. Alec goes for him but Steve easily pushes him away. After a recount, Audrey wins the election by seven votes. Spider feels victorious by taking 40% of the vote. Alec makes an anonymous call to the Health and Safety people telling them the firm of McDonald and Webster fitted Rita's fire.


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  • TV Times synopsis: It's election day, and panic erupts in both camps. Toyah approaches Ken for some private tuition.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,070,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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