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Spider encourages Curly to ask Lorraine out but he doesn't feel confident enough. Greg and Sally have a narrow escape when Maxine catches them together. Alec wants Steve prosecuted but Rita isn't keen. He furiously tells Steve that his cowboy antics nearly killed Rita and he's going to make sure he goes to court. Fiona tells Steve it's not his fault about the fire; Jim and Bill Webster should have supervised him better. Steve doesn't want Jim bothered about the news as it could set him back. Maxine suggests to Greg they go away for an expensive weekend, with her paying for herself. Sally fears she might have been used by Greg. Audrey canvasses for votes but has no interest in the public and the day goes badly. Fred greets a baby by shouting at him, causing him to cry. The pair call on Mr Horner, who calls Audrey a "scraggy old tart"! Steve visits Rita in hospital and asks her not to prosecute, otherwise it will be Jim who takes the blame as it was his firm. He feels the case might keep Jim in his wheelchair forever. Rita tells a frustrated Alec that she sees no point in punishing Jim. Mike implies to Greg that he might be interested in him taking over Underworld for him. Sally is flustered when Kevin has papers drawn up putting the garage in both their names.


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