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Jim is delighted that Liz has stayed the night but feels sexually inadequate. She is adamant it's not important and tells him that she'll move in with him permanently. Alec struggles to run The Kabin and work at the Rovers. Ralph Alwood, a gas inspector, tells Alec that Rita's gas fire has been wrongly installed and is a deathtrap. Sally tells Rita that Alec saved her life and is now looking after The Kabin. She is deeply moved. Steve is thrilled to hear that Jim and Liz are back together. Rita thanks Alec for saving her life. Sally is bothered to see Maxine kissing Greg. Deirdre is disturbed to think of Liz moving in with Jim. Alec is so tired after sorting the papers that he falls asleep whilst visiting Rita. She tells him that Steve installed her fire. Greg tempts Sally to an after hours glass of wine at Underworld. She tells him about Kevin's affair and how her eyes have now been opened. She responds passionately when he kisses her. Curly is desperate to spend time with Lorraine but she's more interested in Spider. Sally and Greg have sex in Mike's office.


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