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Rita is diagnosed with having been gassed by carbon monoxide. Alec and Sally grow upset at the hospital, wanting to be with her. Alec is in tears when the doctor asks for her next of kin. Fred panics when Spider threatens to tell the Gazette about the bribe. Greg comforts Sally as she fears that Rita will die. Maxine fears she's put Greg off by declaring her love for him. Liz is confused when Jim tells her that he can't do anything without her and needs her with him. Sally and Alec are relieved when Rita is out of danger but could have easily died. Audrey is furious when Spider tells her that Alec and Fred tried to bribe him to get him to merge with her. Alec and Sally are distraught at the sight of Rita in an oxygen tent. Jim tells Liz he can't bear for her to be near him as he wants her so much. She encourages him to tell her that he still loves her. She tells him that she loves him and doesn't care if he never comes out of the wheelchair, he's all she wants.


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