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Spider realises that he's offended Emily and apologises. He is upset when she tells him that her views are obviously out of date so he should find a new campaign manager. Leanne agrees to take on the early shift every day when Rita offers her more money. Leanne is touched when she gives her her own set of keys to The Kabin. Alec is horrified when Audrey tells him that she burnt the new photographs that he paid £190 for. Emily brings Spider and Curly together, telling them they have a lot in common. Natalie's niece Lorraine Brownlow starts work at the Rovers. Fiona is stunned when Greg comes on to her. She suggests to Maxine that Greg might just be using her but Maxine accuses her of being jealous. Jim invites Liz and Steve to dinner and thanks them for all their help. Curly is smitten by Lorraine but she is more interested in Spider. Maxine tells Greg that she's in love with him but he tells her not to rush him. Roy takes Hayley boating and suggests they start an affair. She agrees and he kisses her.


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