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Des calls on Samantha to find out why she told the lies about Natalie. Tiger gets out of the house while they're rowing and, recognising the cat, Des takes it to the Rovers for Natalie. Kevin refuses to leave No.13, maintaining his innocence. Janice misses Les but is fed up with the way he always takes her for granted. Leanne advises Les to make a fuss of her, certain that she'd have him back. Natalie confronts Samantha in the Rovers with Tiger. Alec sacks her but she tells him that she quits. Audrey is flattered by Fred's attention. Les gives Janice flowers and serenades her with 10cc's I'm Not in Love to her delight. He lifts her into his arms, into the house and up to bed, to the factory staff's amusement. Greg offers Sally an ear if she wants to talk about her marriage problems. Before she rides out of Coronation Street, Samantha tells Des she really is pregnant - with his baby. Natalie tells him that she must be lying but Des feels that he'll never know for sure.


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  • Final appearance of Tina Hobley as Samantha Failsworth.
  • The storyline of this episode was changed due to the non-availability of Kevin Kennedy. Originally Samantha told Curly that Tiger was a stray and he told her to get rid of it as he was allergic to cats. Natalie called on Curly to apologise and discovered Tiger there. Later Natalie, along with Kevin and Des, confronted Samantha in the Rovers. She admitted that she was guilty as charged and Curly threw her out of No.7.
  • Elaine Ford is credited as Samantha Failsworth's Stunt Double for the scene where she rides out of the street on her bike.
  • TV Times synopsis: Natalie's cat, Tiger, proves to be Sam's undoing. Sally gives Kevin an ultimatum.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,720,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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