Sally questions Samantha about the hoax call but Samantha assures her that she never told Natalie it was her voice. Les talks Toyah into letting him into No.5 and feeding him. Audrey reveals Alf has resigned from the council and that his seat is available. Natalie worries about the whereabouts of her cat, Tiger. She apologises to Samantha for thinking she made the hoax call and returns to work at the Rovers. Audrey is affronted when Spider says Alf was a crap councillor. Judy worries that Zoe will tell Gary about her and Paul Fisher even though she promises she won't. Judy feels that she can't take the risk and will have to tell Gary herself. Samantha tells Sally to be on her guard as she overheard Natalie and Kevin planning to run away together with her inheritance money. Sally is shocked. Janice is furious to discover that Les has been in the house. Toyah says she let him in as she felt sorry for him. Spider announces that he intends to stand for the council as an independent Green candidate. Judy tells Gary that she had sex with Fisher in return for the £2,000. She tells him she hated every second and regrets it but he refuses to go easy on her, telling her they're finished and he's moving out. Audrey refuses to sit back and let Spider take Alf's place on the council. She decides to stand against him. Sally packs and tells Kevin that she's taking the girls to stay at Rita's flat. He is bewildered.


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  • This episode was broadcast at 7.20pm to allow for coverage of World Cup football.
  • TV Times synopsis: Judy wonders if she should confess to Gary. And there's a shocking revelation for Sally and she and Kevin are drawn into Sam's web of lies.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,640,000 viewers (6th place - combined figure including repeat).
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