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Sally tells Kevin to go ahead and buy the garage, assuring him that she won't change her mind again. She feels that she just wants Natalie out of their lives for good. Ashley brings Zoe home. Sally is outraged when Natalie tackles her about making the hoax phone call about Tony being in Leeds General. She swears that she wouldn't do anything so sick and accuses Natalie of saying she did it to make people think she's twisted. Natalie insists that Samantha recognised her voice. Sally throws her out. Zoe apologises to Judy for all the hurt she caused her and tells her about seeing Paul Fisher in hospital. She promises her that she won't tell anyone about her having sex with him. Judy is horrified. Les pretends he's enjoying life in the van for Janice's sake but she's not fooled. Zoe is upset when Judy accuses her of wanting to blackmail her over Fisher. Zoe swears she just wants Judy to know she isn't going to tell anyone. Sally is furious when Natalie tells her Kevin says that she's unstable. Natalie tells her that she's contacting her solicitor. Leanne receives a phone call from Darren Whateley telling her that he's back in Strangeways and he could serve another five years because of her trick. She feels very guilty.


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