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Liz urges Jim not to give up to hopelessness. He is too disgusted with himself to think of anything but misery. Des tells Natalie about Samantha not being pregnant and is shocked when she tells him that she doesn't care; he had his chance and he chose Samantha over her. Les uses the cafe toilet as a bathroom and then refuses to buy anything. When Natalie tells Samantha she's sick for lying to Des, Samantha tells her that she was pregnant and did have an abortion; she lied to Des as he frightens her. Natalie doesn't want to believe her but sees that Des did only want the baby, not Samantha. Samantha asks her to tell people she had a miscarriage. Des is amazed to see Natalie supporting Samantha and feels she's fallen for her lies. Natalie feels compromised as she can't tell him about the abortion. Samantha tells Natalie that Leeds Hospital has phoned to say Tony's been involved in a car crash. Alec drives her to Leeds straight away. Zoe unburdens herself at group therapy. Also at the group is Paul Fisher who talks about how he blames himself for having sex with an employee who needed money. Zoe realises he's talking about Judy. Samantha calls at Natalie's house and snatches her cat, Tiger.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Zoe discovers a dark secret at a group therapy session, and a phone call brings bad news for Natalie.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,140,000 viewers (4th place - combined figure including repeat).
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