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Les spends the night in the outside toilet and begs Janice to take him back but she refuses. Sally is furious that Kevin has offered Natalie £3,000 extra for the garage and accuses him of throwing her money at his girlfriend. Des begs Samantha not to kill his baby. She refuses to listen and goes off to the clinic, leaving him crying in the street. He searches the local clinics and is thrown out of one for creating a scene. When he tells Judy what Samantha is doing, she tells him he must be wrong as she's seen her shopping in town. Jim has fun drinking in the Rovers until Maud asks him about his wheelchair. He snaps at her, humiliated that they're in the same position. Sally tells Kevin that she's not giving Natalie any of her mother's money. Charlie West gives Les an old camper van to stay in. Les is delighted and parks it outside No.5. When Des tackles Samantha about her being seen in town when she said she was at the clinic she tells him that she lied; she was never pregnant and only said so to get at him and Natalie. He tells her that she's mad.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Des goes on a wild goose chase as Samantha continues to spin her web of lies. Les turns to Charlie West for shelter - much to the dismay of the Street's residents.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,840,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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