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Sally feels that Natalie is no longer a threat and isn't bothered if she owns half the garage. Natalie is upset when Des tells her that he can't see so much of her now he's back with Samantha. Jim is aghast when Emily gives him a second-hand jigsaw to help pass his time. Greg realises that Sally is attracted to him and is charming towards her. Natalie tells Kevin she'd sell her share of the garage for 50% of its value plus £5,000. Kevin knocks her down to £3,000 extra. Leanne melts when Nick gives her flowers and tells her that he adores her. She agrees to return home. Samantha agrees to move in with Des. Nick tells Leanne they should report Darren to the police for breaking in as he's only out on parole. Jim gets frustrated as he can't reach the phone when it rings. He falls out of the wheelchair trying to reach it. When Les tells Maxine that Greg could do better than her, she tells Janice all about him losing his licence for drinking and driving after visiting Greg's mother. Janice is furious and throws Les out of the house. Des is stunned when Samantha tells him she's changed her mind; she doesn't want to start again with him as it would be a mistake, instead she's having an abortion.


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