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Jim is trapped in the living room as his wheelchair is too big to go through the door. He feels bitter that he's dependant on Liz for everything. Samantha feels victorious when Des tells her that he'd like to get back together with her. Sally is attracted to Greg when she meets him. Les tells Janice the doctor has told him that he can't drive for at least a year. When Jim makes her life difficult, Liz warns him that she's not going to let him drive her away. Kevin tells Sally they should use her mum's money to buy Natalie out of the garage. She tells him that she doesn't want to think about it; she's still in mourning. Darren traps Leanne inside No.5 and accuses her of leading him on. She breaks down, fearing he's going to hurt her. Natalie is upset when Des tells her that he's getting back together with Samantha. Samantha tells Des that if they were to start again she'd need to be certain he wasn't still seeing Natalie. Nick hears Darren shouting at Leanne and kicks the door down. He lunges at Darren but is overpowered. Nick makes a grab for the bread knife but Darren makes him see that he's after revenge but he can't have it - he has no idea what game he's playing. Leanne is furious that Nick tried to grab the knife.


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