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Gail is compromised when Nick tells her that Leanne wants a divorce as she feels sorry for him but is thrilled. Les pretends to twist his back to give himself a reason for not driving. Des tells Samantha that he doesn't intend to run away from his responsibilities but she tells him to forget it; she's not interested in a part-time father. He is upset that he doesn't have any say. Steve buys a surgical sofa bed for Jim and sets about making No.11 inhabitable for a wheelchair. Sally and Kevin return home after burying Elsie Seddon. Sally is devastated by her death but Kevin is more interested in selling off her house. Jim returns home but feels embarrassed to be viewed by the residents as a cripple. Natalie is surprised when Samantha accuses her of being in love with Des. Judy doesn't know how to cope when Paul Fisher starts drinking and talking about their sex session. Des tells Natalie that he thinks he should set up home with Samantha. He's shocked when she tells him that she can't advise him; she's in love with him herself. Jim cries himself to sleep, not knowing what's going to become of him.


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