Janice tries to get Leanne to return to Nick, urging her to fight for her marriage. She asks Les to talk to Nick. Jim is told he can go home soon but worries that he'll be a burden on Liz who is determined to look after him. Les' court appearance is reported in the local paper. To prevent Janice seeing it, he buys up all the copies he can find and sets fire to them. Darren visits the cafe and overhears Gail and Toyah talking about Leanne. He realises that he's been set up when he discovers her surname is "Tilsley". Samantha tells Vera that she's pregnant with Des' baby and he wants her to have an abortion. Vera tells him that he should be ashamed for not standing by her. Les hits Nick and accuses him of being unfaithful to Leanne. Des decides that he wants Samantha to have his baby.


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