Nick looks through cuttings about Brian's death and finds the name of the woman he was with. Samantha tells Des that she's pregnant with his baby. He refuses to believe the child is his. Jim forces Liz to tell him it's his own fault he fell; he'd been drinking and picked a fight with Steve, bragging about his new job. Jim is disgusted with himself. Maxine blackmails Les into buying her drinks, threatening to tell Janice about being arrested. Fiona is delighted when Steve books them a two-week holiday in Tenerife. Nick contacts Alison Oakley and arranges to meet her. Samantha tells Des that she'd like to move back in with him as a family. Jim panics when he suffers chest pains and can't breathe. Nick meets Alison at a hotel. Leanne is alone at No.4 when Darren calls at the house.


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