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Les is breathalysed and taken to a police station where the police discover that the car isn't his. Les phones Greg for help and he leaves Maxine in his room to go to the police station. When Liz offers to look after Jim, Steve accuses her of trying to use Jim's accident to get back together with him. Les tries to get Greg to offer the police money for his release but Greg refuses. Greg is horrified that Les saw Moira. When Charlie West admits to lending the car the police let Les go. Greg takes him home and tells Janice he went to hospital after saving Charlie from a blazing car. Maxine drinks all the champagne in Greg's hotel mini-bar before going home at midnight. Nick tries to visit Darren but isn't allowed in as the visiting order has Leanne's name on. Janice thinks that Les is a hero. Greg apologises to Maxine and makes her feel awful by saying her drinks cost him £67. Jim asks Steve to tell him what they were rowing about before the accident but he refuses.


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  • This episode was broadcast at 7.00pm to allow for coverage of Champions League football.
  • TV Times synopsis: Greg bails Les out of a sticky situation. And Nick plucks up the courage to make a prison visit.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,910,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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