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Nick hides a letter from Darren as he doesn't want to upset Leanne. Maxine feels she's blown her chances with Greg. Fred urges Ashley to finish with Zoe whilst she's in hospital as she's a waste of space. Ashley tells him he's sick of him treating him as a child. When Martin tries to talk to Nick about Brian, Nick accuses him of being glad Brian died so he could move in with Gail. Martin tells him he's not a substitute for Brian. When Vera finds £25 missing from the petty cash she questions the staff. Samantha acts indignant and feigns knowledge of Natalie having a key to the cash box. Zoe is helped by group therapy and tells Ashley she feels much better. He can't bring himself to finish with her. Nick phones Darren at Strangeways but can't bring himself to talk to him. Samantha makes a big play of telling Vera she's sure Natalie didn't steal the money so Vera begins to think she did. Dr Cole breaks the news to Jim that he could spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Maxine is thrilled when Greg invites her to dinner at his hotel. Leanne celebrates when Rita gives her a pay rise. Liz and Steve promise Jim they'll look after him but he is full of self-pity and explodes, telling them he's not living to be a cripple - he'd rather kill himself.


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