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When Greg invites Maxine out to a place called "Viaggiatore" she panics as she has nothing posh to wear. Samantha "finds" Natalie's ring on the floor and wins her thanks. Gary visits Jim and tells him about his fall. Les phones Moira Wood and is pleased when she invites him to her house. He thinks she's desperate for his body. Ashley feels uncomfortable when Zoe promises to make amends over her behaviour, saying she owes him a lot. Maxine buys a glamorous dress, planning to return it for a refund in the morning. She meets Greg and is appalled when he tells her "Viaggiatore" is Italian for "Rovers" and he has no intention of taking her for a meal. To make matters worse Les spills a pint over the dress. Des is suspicious of helpful Samantha and disagrees with Natalie over her motives in finding the ring. Maxine gets Greg to drive her home and is upset when he refuses to come in when he learns it's her parents' house. Steve tells Jim that he fell because he was drunk and slipped after trying to hit him. Jim is angry that he can't remember anything of the accident. Steve and Liz assure him that they are both supporting him.


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